At Careerwise, we take care of a number of important needs that affect your career choice and growth on that chosen path. We serve both the employer and employee.

Career Coaching

When it comes to making career choices either as a beginner or a mid-career person, there is a need for guidance. About 51% of educated people end up doing something different from what they studied. Furthermore, there are multi-skilled people ready to fit jobs they never thought they could do. The game changer is sometimes the counsel or coaching they got at the time they made the choice. At Careerwise, we have qualified coaches with years of experience and international exposures to help you make the right career choice. And if you are inclined to entrepreneurship, our coaches are vast in consulting and coaching to guide you in managing your own business.

Career Change

As you progress on the career ladder, certain changes are necessary, varying from your attitude to work, your plans for the future to the choice of the careers you make. You will need some guidance to manage the process. We offer detailed and a clear-cut approach to personal development in the area of change you might be experiencing. All you need to do to enjoy this service is to book a coaching session with us and you will gain clarity about what step to take towards the new frontier of your work life


At Careerwise, we reduce the burden of organizations seeking competent and emotionally intelligent candidates through the use of proven, relevant cutting edge tools for recruiting and onboarding new staff at affordable cost. Our approach to recruitment takes into consideration the corporate culture, mores and values of your organization to match the right and interested candidates with the available vacancies.


We arrange qualified candidates to take on short-term apprenticeship training where they offer their services to an employer while learning the ropes of the job of their dreams. If you are an employer in need of candidates, you can contact us through the form below. If you are an applicant seeking for a place to offer your service, please complete the form as well.

CV Writing

We provide bespoke CV writing service to give your resume a facelift reflecting your true experiences by using captivating words that will make recruiters take a second look. You deserve a quality agency to reflect the quality of your resume. Let’s help you build the career of your dream through the packaging of your CV.


There are few decisions in life that are really important such as Career decision. Our Coaches and Career assessment tool gives you the opportunity to know what you are designed to so. With the aid of your personality, interests, skills and values we will guide you to the career choices that will guarantee you success and career fulfillment.

Background Checks

We understand the need for truth, honesty and forthrightness in the workplace. We also understand how important it is to have the right people for the job, people who claim to be who and what they are. However, sometimes there is the need to check up the background information of the candidates and employees to validate their claims. We will help you through this process in the most discreet possible way.

Consult us for a bright career

The game changer in your career is sometimes the counsel or coaching you get at that very crucial stage, that very stage you are in now.