Pricing that considers you first and the value we give you

Because we put you and your career first, at Careerwise, we offer you immense value at rates that are competitive and affordable.


0-5 Professional Years
N10,000 ($20)
5-10 Professional Years
N20,000 ($40)
10-15 Professional Years
N50,000 ($100)
Above 15 Professional Years
N100,000 ($200)

Each fee covers 3 sessions of 60 minutes each (e.i 10.000 NGN for 3 hours of career coaching). The sessions can run concurrently (one after the other) or at varying times set and agreed.

Other Services

CV crafting
N5,000 ($12)
CV & Coaching
N20,000 ($25)
Cover Letter
N5,000 ($12)
Assessment - (Career Direct)
N15,000 - N30,000
Background checks

Consult us for a bright career

The game changer in your career is sometimes the counsel or coaching you get at that very crucial stage, that very stage you are in now.