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So why do people choose the wrong career?

Money – it is no lie that we need money to live in this world of today. From drinking of water to disposing the urine, money is needed to do all. Unfortunately, many decisions are now made on the basis of money. People marry for money. People take jobs they don’t like for money.

However, money does not solve every problem. There is a part of human beings that yearn for fulfilment. That is why even the rich do give to charities not because they have the money but their giving to the less privileged gives something beyond money – fulfilment.

You can be fulfilled on your job with basic money to live by. You can be content doing what you love without having plenty money like the richest person in the world. And for the record, everybody will not be in the richest peoples’ list but everyone can be fulfilled in life, if we pay attention to what matters. Money does not necessarily translates to fulfilment.

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